Android Apps Are Now Available On Chrome OS, But There Is One Catch

by admin September 30, 2016 at 7:00 pm

The Google Play Store is now available for Chrome OS. Google began rolling out Chrome OS 53 on Thursday evening on the developer channel that features support for the Google Play Store.

This marks the first time the catalogue of apps on the Google Play Store — nearly 1.5 million of them — has come to the Chromebook. However, there is one catch: only those with the Asus Chromebook Flip will be able to start downloading apps and games to their laptop for now.

Although first mentioned back in 2014, Google announced at its I/O conference in May its plans to allow Chromebooks to run Android apps by bringing its app store to Chrome OS.

Since first being released five years ago, Chromebooks continue to be a popular (and affordable) option for consumers looking for a laptop that is fast and simple to use.

Chromebooks already have things like virus protection and updates built-in, and adding support for the Google Play Store will only make the laptops even more powerful as users will be able to access their favorite apps — and do so offline — directly on their Chromebook.

Of course, some developers will have to make some changes to their apps to have them run on Chrome OS, Google’s operating system.

Google stated that the Play Store will come to Chromebooks in mid-June and now, the time has finally arrived.

Reddit user NeooftheDark posted an image from his Flip with the beta build on Chrome Canary that shows support for Google’s app store. However, now that Chrome OS 53 is now available for all devices in the developer channel, those with other Chromebooks, like Pixel and Acer Chromebook R 11, have not yet received support. Google did state the Google Play Store will come to those two models as well sometime in June/July, so consumers with access to the developer channel will just have to continue to be patient.


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Even though Android apps are only available right now on the Asus Chromebook Flip, reviews on Reddit have been positive for the most part, with various apps like Skype working without any problems. However, as mentioned above, phone-only apps are not supported, so they will not download from the Play Store.

It seems like using apps on the Chromebook will work best with the touchscreen models like the Asus Chromebook Flip, but Google will also add app store support for other Chromebooks later this year.

Although the Play Store is available in the developer’s build of the new version of Chrome OS, it won’t launch for the public for some time yet. Those brave enough to try it out can do so by downloading Canary.

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