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by admin 4 hours ago

iOS 13 vs iOS 12: here's what changed

iOS 13 has now landed in public beta form today, meaning that if you’re feeling adventurous you can download it now. The question you’ve got to ask yourself is whether it’s worth the bugs and instability to get on board early, and...

by admin 24 hours ago

Best cheap phones 2019: our top budget mobiles in India

Notches, the disappearing 3.5mm headphone jack and multiple cameras are all the rage this year. Not to mention making screens as bezel-less as possible. Once flagship models initiate a design or functionality trend, it’s rare that...

by admin 1 day ago

Best Kindle 2019: which Amazon ereader should you buy?

If you’ve landed here, it’s likely you’re after an ereader. In 2019, the rule is that the best ereaders are, generally, devices made by Amazon, and we’ve reviewed them all so you can find the best Kindle for you. There...