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by admin 3 months ago

How tech companies are recognizing Pride Month

In the month of June, tech companies celebrated Pride in the best way they know how: small, quirky product updates. With San Francisco and New York’s annual Pride event hitting this weekend, it’s a good time to reflect on just how...

by admin 3 months ago

The Uber and the frog

How the mighty are fallen. Travis Kalanick is out, and Uber has become something of a headless horseman, with no current CEO, COO, CFO, CMO, VP of Engineering, or general counsel. Its alleged valuation has fallen by $18 billion and counting....

by admin 3 months ago

The Sony A9 inches the mirrorless camera market forward

Mirrorless cameras. On paper, some of them seem perfect. They’re quick and powerful with lightweight bodies, but their main drawback has been equally light lens catalogs. Having a variety of prime, telephoto, macro, sport...

by admin 3 months ago

Taking a ride in MIT’s self-driving wheelchair

Over the past few months, CSAIL’s (MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory) self-driving wheelchair has become a familiar sight around the MIT halls. It’s a nice little rolling advertisement for the lab’s work...

by admin 3 months ago

Houzz raises a huge $400M round at a $4B valuation

If you ask investors in Silicon Valley about Houzz — an app where you browse ridiculously nice homes and check out interesting interior design ideas — they’ll probably quietly mutter that they’re just growing their business....

by admin 3 months ago

How bio-hacking is changing your future

Biohacking is, by way of a definition, a systems-based approach to managing your body. The basic tenet is that by improving your inputs – whether nutritional, physical or medical – you can improve your body’s output.  Sounds simple...

by admin 3 months ago

Five building blocks of a data-driven culture

Carl Anderson Contributor Carl Anderson is the author of Creating a Data-Driven Organization. He previously headed up data, analytics and data science at Warby Parker and WeWork, and is currently a member of WeWork’s...