Google adds a slew of new Assistant features for app developers

by admin November 17, 2017 at 3:55 pm

In order for Google Assistant to be a real contender against the likes of Alexa, it needs third party app support. In order to get more developers on-board, the company needs to add a lot more features to incentivize development, even as Amazon’s home AI continues to dominate marketshare. This morning Google took a key step toward making Assistant a more compelling experience, announcing a boatload of new features for app developers, including a new push notifications, daily updates and additional language support.

One of the more interesting new features on board is speaker-to-phone transfer, a new API that makes it possible to start an action on a Google Home speaker and complete it on the phone. So users can, say, order food through the speaker and get the receipt on a screen. That addition is keeping on Google’s push to grow Assistant beyond just a simple voice interface.

It could also, perhaps, lay the foundation for the Echo Show competitor we’ve all been waiting for from the company.