Top iOS news of the week: iPhone top seller in UK, Selfie released, add 32GB storage

by admin January 3, 2016 at 11:40 am

49 percent of all Christmas activations were Apple devices

Tracking activations of holiday purchases, Flurry Insights noted that almost half of them were Apple devices. Samsung was in second place with 19.8 percent of activations, much less than Apple’s 49.1 percent.

While an impressive share of holiday device activations, this year’s number for Apple is 2.2 percent less than last year.

Source: Slashgear


Microsoft releases Selfie for iOS

A far cry from its Office apps, Microsoft has produced an iOS app called Selfie. You don’t have to guess what the app does. It is designed to make those self portraits look better with integrated photo editing functions.

Source: Geek Wire

iPhone dominates best sellers in the UK

Price comparison site uSwitch has released a top 10 list of best selling phones in the UK. The list is dominated by Apple as six of the ten are various iPhone models.

These include iPhone 6 and 6s along with a couple of iPhone 5 handsets. The other four best sellers were all from Samsung.

Source: Apple World Today


iSafe Drive Lite: Add 32GB to your iOS device

Perhaps you didn’t get enough storage when you bought your iPhone or iPad and are running up against the wall. Enter the iSafe Drive Lite, an external flash drive that plugs into a Ligjtning port.

In addition to adding 32GB of storage, the iSafe connects to Macs and PCs to transfer data.

Source: Pocket Lint

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