Vanda Electrics releases new photos and video of Dendrobium supercar

by admin March 1, 2017 at 2:11 pm

Singapore’s Vanda Electrics will use next week’s 2017 Geneva auto show to unveil a supercar concept called the Dendrobium.

The concept will be powered by an electric drive system and feature a roof and doors that open automatically in a synchronized manner to resemble a fully-opened dendrobium flower, the orchid native to Singapore that lends the car its name.

Vanda teamed up with Williams Advanced Engineering, the technology offshoot of the Williams Formula One team, to develop the Dendrobium. Unfortunately, there are no addition details to add.

The Dendrobium concept likely serves as a technological showpiece for Vanda’s electric drive technology, already available in a scooter and small delivery truck. While the company says it plans to work with Williams Advanced Engineering on future projects, it hasn’t mentioned production plans for the Dendrobium.

We’ll know more soon as the Geneva auto show gets underway on March 7. For more coverage, head to our dedicated hub.

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