You can keep saving big on Amazon long after Black Friday is over

by admin November 17, 2016 at 1:38 am

Who says the savings have to end after Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Not Amazon, that’s for darn sure. 

The retail giant announced today that it’s offering new deals as often as every five minutes from now through December 22. That means you have more than 35 days to grab Black Friday prices up until just before Christmas.

Amazon is posting its daily deals on its dedicated Black Friday page, so we suggest checking there as well as Amazon proper for any and all offers. 

In the lead up to Black Friday, Amazon hasn’t shied away from putting tons of tech on the discount block, including many of its own devices. ‘Tis the season to buy an Amazon Echo, it seems!

All that said, don’t let the insanely popular “Turkey 5” shopping days – otherwise known as Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday – pass you by without checking out Amazon’s price cuts. 

It’s during these five days when the retailer really kicks its savings machine into gear, and we’ve got a complete guide to help you navigate some of Amazon’s best deals

Deals you can do … soon

Amazon also announced a number of top deals it will flip the switch on during various days and times from this Friday through Black Friday.

It’s important to note that while some of Amazon’s TV deals are lacking specific retailers at the moment, the company promises low prices on select screens from LG, Sony and Samsung. 

Here’s a look at a few of the best Amazon deals you’ll be able to take advantage of soon. 

There will be more deals to come during the lead up to Black Friday – and, as we learned today, for a good while after.

Long story short: If you’re looking to save on tech before prices go back up in the post-holiday crush, now is the time to get shopping. 

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